Deborah Briggs
President and CEO

The New Jersey Council of Teaching Hospitals’ Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the appointment of Deborah Briggs, BSN, MBA, as acting President and CEO for the New Jersey Council of Teaching Hospitals (NJCTH) and the Council of Children’s Hospitals (CCH). Ms. Briggs has worked for NJCTH for nine years as Senior Vice President, Health Policy and also as Executive Director for the Council of Children’s Hospitals.

At NJCTH, Ms. Briggs has established collaborative relationships with senior leadership within the Department of Health and Senior Services, Department of Health, legislative offices and other associations to ensure NJCTH is recognized as an effective leader on key issues related to teaching hospitals, graduate and undergraduate medical education, the physician workforce and children’s health. She also provides strategic direction and facilitation for key member committees including: the Academic Affairs Council, the Government Relations Committee, CCH Leadership, the Strategic Advisory Council and the Physician Workforce Policy Task Force. Ms. Briggs has been instrumental in authoring numerous white papers on Insuring the Uninsured, the 2009 Physician Workforce Report and the annual Resident Exit survey.

Prior to coming NJCTH, Ms. Briggs served for eight years at Pharmacia Corporation as Senior Director U.S. Managed Markets. Additionally, she directed and engineered the development of Greenstone Healthcare Solutions, Pharmacia’s care management consulting company. Her clinical expertise includes emergency and trauma services, aero-medical services, and cardiovascular services.

Deborah Briggs’ broad experience and in-depth understanding of the health care industry, graduate medical education and its funding, as well as physician workforce issues will serve the NJCTH well as the organization continues to be recognized for its leadership and strategic direction in these and other areas.