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The Council Gives Commissioner O’Dowd Individual Hospital Reports

The Council presented a summary report of twenty three Individual Hospital Report (IHR) submissions to Commissioner Mary O’Dowd for her review before her 2013 testimony in front of the Assembly Budget Committee (ABU) Wednesday, April 18, 2012.
Following last year’s budget hearing Commissioner O’Dowd attended an NJCTH Board meeting and requested the Council’s assistance in the form of a report/documentation of GME benefits for future proceedings. The result was the hospital specific GME Individual Hospital Report Survey and the non-hospital specific Graduate Medical Education Primer, First Edition.
This electronic IHR survey consists of 22 multiple choice and open-ended questions. It establishes the volume and patient populations served through hospitals’ clinics as well as other community activities which benefit the under and uninsured. It also identifies institution specific physician retention programs in New Jersey which are of interest to the legislators. We thank your hospitals designated institutional officers (DIOs) and Program Directors for investing the time and resources it took to acquire this data from colleagues and complete the survey.
The IHR and the GME Primer are the result of hard work and many hours put in over the summer of the Council’s Academic Affairs Committee; the Council of Children’s Hospital GME committee; DIOs and Program Directors from member and non-member hospitals; and the New Jersey Hospital Association. The collaborative group worked to craft a report format that outlines the exemplary services New Jersey’s teaching hospitals provide despite economic hardships.
It is our belief profiling the phenomenal work all teaching hospitals are providing for the State of New Jersey and its citizen will clearly demonstrate to the legislators and Commissioners what a worthy investment they are making as they fund Graduate Medical Education. Thanks to the diligence of your institutions the IHR surveys were completed and the results are eye opening.
GME - Individual Hospital Report